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A Night with Daddy
« poslato: 18-09-2020, 22:47:48 »

I was laying sideways on my bed, positioned on my stomach while flipping through a magazine and listening to music, when my Daddy came home from work. I couldn't hear him through my headphones but I saw him start to walk past my door. He paused when he saw me and I took off my headphones.

"Hey princess," he said with smile as he leaned against my doorframe. "How was your day?"

"Work was boring but then I got to come home and sunbathe for a bit," I replied.

"Mmm... how's that tan coming along, baby?"

I smiled flirtatiously, knowing my mom was downstairs getting dinner ready before she left for work.

"You can find out for yourself later, Daddy. Now, aren't you going to give me a kiss hello?"

"In a minute," he replied with a grin. "Right now I'm just enjoying the view."

I followed his gaze and realized that he could see right down my low-cut tank top. My boobs, which are already a handful and then some, were plumped up against the bed and created some seriously impressive cleavage.

I twirled a lock of hair around my finger, enjoying my Daddy's gaze on me. We'd been having sex since I turned 18 four months ago and we still hadn't had enough of each other - or gotten caught. My mom Cheryl, who works the night shift at the local hospital, has been off for the last week though so we haven't been able to be together.

Yeah, it would be hot to do it with her in the next room or something, but my Daddy and I aren't looking to break her heart... but we're also not going to break off our affair. And it's not like we don't have a little low-risk fun when the mood is right. Speaking of...

"Come here, Greg," I said in a sultry voice, crooking my finger at him.

I raised myself up as he got close and scooted to the edge on my knees. I pulled him down to me by his tie and brushed my lips over his.

"Welcome home, Daddy," I said, switching to my little girl voice.

"Oh baby, don't get me hard while your mom is still home," he pleaded. Since we started having sex I've learned plenty of ways to drive him wild, and switching from sultry vixen to innocent schoolgirl - and back - never fails.

"I'm sorry, Daddy," I said, still in my innocent voice. "Does that mean I shouldn't do... this?"

I slid my free hand down his hard chest and over the growing bulge in his slacks. He pressed himself into my hand briefly before pulling away.

"Later," he said firmly, his low, masculine voice sending a shiver down my spine and a burst of moisture into my panties. He leaned down and took my mouth in a deep kiss but pulled away before I could really get into it.

"Don't wear panties to dinner," he said before backing away. "That's an order."

"Yes, Sir," I said breathlessly.

I went to my en-suite bathroom (yeah, we have a nice house) to get ready for dinner. I touched up my mascara, added a light application of lip gloss, and brushed out my waist-length blonde hair. And, of course, I took off my panties.

I looked at myself in the floor-length mirror attached to the back of the door. Long hair, big tits, tiny waist... every Daddy's dream, right? And tonight I was showcasing it perfectly - tiny tank top, 70's-style booty shorts, tanned skin.

I all but floated down the stairs, looking forward to my night alone with Daddy.

"Hi Mom," I sang as I entered the kitchen. "Anything I can help with?"

"Hey sweets," she said, pulling our lasagna out of the over. "Could you set the table?Everything else is just about ready."

Just then I felt warm, strong hands close around my waist.

"Damn, Cher, that smells amazing," he said. He breathed in the smells of the kitchen and groaned his appreciation, pressing his groin into my ass as he did so. Oh, but this was going to be a fun night.

"Thanks, hun," my mom said. At this point her back was to us as she reached into the Tupperware cabinet. Daddy swiveled his hips into mine and reached out me to fondle my tits. Damn, frisky much?

He pulled away casually just before Mom emerged with the dish she'd been reaching for. He crossed the kitchen to give her on the cheek and my jaw almost dropped. He was only wearing a pair of basketball shorts and nothing else. His bare chest was on full display and it made my mouth water.

See, I'm 18, but my parents are both only in their late 30s. They met at college when my mom was a freshman and my dad was a sophomore and got pregnant with me after just three months of dating. They decided to keep me and - my mom being the badass that she is - still graduated on time. They finally got married when I was three. There's an adorable picture of me as their flower girl in the hallway outside my room.

Anyway, my dad still a smokeshow at 37 and I enjoy reaping the benefits of his youth. He's just muscle-y enough to be drop-dead sexy. Exactly my type.

He and my mom were talking about their days so I started to gather stuff to set the table. I figured there was no reason why I couldn't tease him at the same time, so when I had to grab the placemats I decided to bend at the waist instead of crouching down. Of course I pointed my ample ass in his direction. The slightest pause in his speech made me smile. Oh yeah, he'd noticed. I lingered a moment longer than necessary, rocking side to side slightly. He stuttered and my smile grew.

I patted his ass as I walked past them into the dining room. I had just finished when he came in carrying a bowl of salad and two plates.

"Mom's not eating with us?" I asked.

"No, she needs to leave early for the hospital because they just started a big re-paving project and there might be traffic..."

Our eyes met, speaking volumes. Fantastic. Even more time together.

We ate our salads in silence as she got dressed for work. Every so often my leg would brush his, or his gaze would catch mine, and my heart would pound. I was going to soak through my shorts before the meal was even over.

I brushed my tits against Daddy's back, letting him feel how hard my nipples were, when I walked around him to carry our salad plates into the kitchen. My mom, fishing around in her massive purse, stopped at the other edge of the kitchen.

"Alright guys, I'm off! Don't watch any new movies without me tonight," she said, still looking into her purse.

Trying to act as normal as possible I grabbed her lunch bag off the counter.

"Have a good shift, Momma," I said.

"Oh, thank you, baby," she said, finally looking up. "Ash, are you feeling ok? You look flushed, honey."

"Must have been too much sun today," I said with a weak smile. "I should have come in when you told me to."

"Make sure you drink plenty of water tonight, and text me if you need me to pick up any aloe on the way home from work tomorrow." She'd already resumed her search for her keys and missed me flush even deeper pink.

"I will, Mom," I said, feeling slightly guilty that I just wanted her to GTFO so I could fuck her husband.

"Ah HA! Got 'em," she said with a triumphant smile, holding her keys aloft. She grabbed her lunch bag from me and leaned to the side slightly to wave to my dad. "Night, G! Love you!"

She sailed out the door, no clue what was about to happen. I locked it behind her, my heart pounding. I turned around to find my dad was right behind me. Jeez, was he that quiet or was my heart pounding that loudly?

I didn't have any more time to ponder the answer because just then he leaned down and kissed me passionately. Within seconds we were wrapped around each other like vines, liplocked and moaning our pleasure.

He slid his hands down to grab my ass and I bent my legs to boost myself into his arms. With my legs wrapped around his waist we were aligned perfectly. He pressed me into the door for a moment and bent his head to kiss my neck - which were two of the things that always got me hot.

"Fuck, Daddy," I moaned. "Don't tease me tonight."

"Oh, I'm sorry, are you feeling a little pent-up, baby?" he asked innocently. And the bastard had the nerve to chuckle at me!

I gripped his shoulders harder as I started thrusting against him more. He chuckled darkly.

"Well, ok... but only because you asked so nicely."

With me still in his arms - I told you, he's strong - he carried me through the kitchen to the dining room table. He used his leg to pull his chair away from the table and laid me out on the wood in front of him.

He swiftly pushed my tank top up past my tits, leaning forward to tease each stiff nipple with a brief suck. My moans became louder as he added a little teeth to his attentions. My nipples are not sensitive at all and he loves getting rough with them - and teasing me by not getting rough with them.

My hips were lifting off the table, seeking contact with any part of him I could reach, and he used one thrust to yank my shorts part of the way down.

"Fuck, baby... I can see how wet you are already."

Since I was a virgin before my Daddy I don't know how I respond to other guys - but I can't imagine anyone other than my Daddy making me as wet as often as he does. I go through a lot of panties, even when we're not fooling around.

He fisted a hand in my shorts and used them to yank my legs up, positioning my knees near my shoulders. He bent down and took a big sniff.

"Baby girl... nothing and no one has ever smelled as good as you do," he said appreciatively.

"Do you really think so, Daddy?" I didn't really have any natural insecurities but getting compliments, especially dirty ones, from my Daddy is the best.

"Really, baby. Even your mom..." he said, trailing off. We didn't compare my mom in bed, ever... until now, I guess. "Even you mom doesn't smell this good, sweetheart. Or taste this good."

He bent his head and swiped his tongue deeply through my slit. He did a little swirl around my clit that had me crying out. I was so primed, I was already close to cumming. "Daddy, that feels so good. Please don't stop, please don't Daddy."

"Never, baby. I will never stop eating your sweet little pussy."

He repeated that motion - lick up, swirl around my clit - three more times before thrusting his tongue deep inside my cunt. He massaged my clit with his thumb and I came, gushing into his mouth.

"Fuck, Daddy! I'm cumming!"

He moaned, the vibrations against my pussy extending my orgasm. I was still shaking in the aftermath when he pulled my shorts the rest of the way off and shoved his own down just far enough to free his fat cock. It's a solid seven inches with a huge head that rubs me just right. It feels like it was made for my pussy.

Seeing it, I licked my lips.

"Patience, baby. You'll get my cock down your throat next," he crooned as he positioned his dick against my tight opening. My legs were bent at a 90-degree angle and open in a V formation. He kissed one of my ankles before grabbing my hips and - FUCK - he thrust all the way in on the first stroke.

"Oh, GOD, Daddy!" I wailed.

"That's right, baby, fucking take Daddy's cock like a champ."

He pulled out slowly, dragging along my swollen, post-orgasm tissues, before powering all the way in again. That was the torturous rhythm he set and how, with his thumb on my clit again, he made me cum for the second time of the night.

"Fuck yeah, baby girl, cream all over my cock," he groaned. I fucking love his dirty talk.

"Daddy, Daddy, Daddy," I moaned incoherently. As always, that was the signal he needed to speed up his pounding thrusts. The new motion made my tits bounce heavily and he moved his hands up to just below my mounds.

"I love making these tits bounce," he said. "My little girl's tits... mine..."

I could tell he was getting close. I moved my hands to his wrists, holding them in place as he fucked me hard.

"I am yours, Daddy. Only yours."

"Does Daddy's little baby girl want his cum?" he panted.

"I want it, Daddy, I want it all," I moaned.

"Where do you want it, baby?"

I've had an IUD since I was 17, so this was a no-brainer.

"Inside me Daddy, cum inside your little princess."

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," he muttered. I love seeing him coming apart because of me, there is no bigger turn-on than my Daddy when he's about to cum inside me.

"Come on, Greg," I said, pulling out Sultry Ashleigh again. "Give your daughter all that cum."

"Oh, God..."

I moved my legs to wrap high around his waist and slid my hands up his arms to grip his biceps. His eyes darkened and narrowed further so I could tell he liked that. Time for innocent voice.

"Please, Daddy," I whimpered. "I've been such a good girl... will you please come in me, Daddy?"

"Fuck, yes, baby!" he shouted. "Here... I'm cumming. Oh God, I'm cumming in your little pussy!"

I used all my core strength to tilt my hips up even further to get him as deep inside of me as possible. I loved feeling him cum inside me. I never have and never will use a condom - at least not with my Daddy.

He finished with a loud moan and lowered himself gently on top of me. Even in the throes of passion my Daddy always took the best care of me.

"Oh Daddy, I've missed you," I said, lightly combing my fingers through his hair.

"I've missed you too, baby girl. I love you so much."

"I love you forever, Daddy."

We were still for a few minutes as we reveled in the post-orgasmic bliss. Daddy lifted his head to give me a soft, tender kiss.

"We didn't even eat dinner," he said with a laugh.

"It'll reheat later..."

"That's true," he said, eyes gleaming. "So... round two before or after?"

I was laughing as he pulled me up from the table. My pussy was already tingling for more.


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Odg: A Night with Daddy
« Odgovor #1 poslato: 19-09-2020, 01:18:51 »
Превод помоћу Гугле преводиоца.

Noć s tatom

Ležao sam postrance na krevetu, smješten na trbuhu dok sam listao časopis i slušao glazbu, kad se moj tata vratio kući s posla. Nisam ga mogao čuti kroz slušalice, ali vidio sam kako je počeo prolaziti pored mojih vrata. Zastao je kad me vidio i skinuo sam slušalice.

"Hej princezo", rekao je sa smiješkom naslonivši se na moj okvir vrata. "Kakav ti je bio dan?"

"Posao je bio dosadan, ali onda sam se morao vratiti kući i malo se sunčati", odgovorio sam.

"Mmmm ... kako ide ta preplanulost, dušo?"

Koketno sam se nasmiješila, znajući da se mama dolje spremala za večeru prije nego što je otišla na posao.

"To možeš saznati kasnije, tata. E sad, zar me nećeš pozdraviti?"

"Za minutu", odgovorio je s cerekom. "Trenutno samo uživam u pogledu."

Pratila sam njegov pogled i shvatila da je mogao vidjeti ravno niz moj usječeni gornji dio majice. Moje sise, kojih je već pregršt, a potom i neke, bile su pribijene uz krevet i stvorile su zaista impresivan dekolte.

Vrtila sam pramen kose oko prsta, uživajući u tatinom pogledu na sebi. Seksali smo se otkako sam napunila 18 godina prije četiri mjeseca i još uvijek nismo bili dovoljno jedni drugima - ili smo se uhvatili. Moja mama Cheryl, koja radi noćnu smjenu u lokalnoj bolnici, nije radila posljednjih tjedan dana, tako da nismo uspjeli biti zajedno.

Da, bilo bi vruće to učiniti s njom u susjednoj sobi ili tako nešto, ali moj tata i ja ne želimo slomiti njezino srce ... ali također nećemo prekinuti našu vezu. I nije baš da se nemamo malo niskokorizično zabaviti kad je raspoloženje u redu. Kad smo već kod ...

"Dođi ovamo, Greg", rekla sam sparnim glasom, savijajući ga prstom.

Podigla sam se kad se približio i skočio do ruba na mojim koljenima. Privukla sam ga k sebi za njegovu kravatu i prevukla usne preko njegovih.

"Dobrodošao kući, tata", rekao sam, prebacujući se na glas moje djevojčice.

"O dušo, nemoj me teško nagovarati dok je tvoja mama još uvijek kod kuće", preklinjao je. Otkad smo započeli seks, naučio sam puno načina da ga izludim,

"Žao mi je, tata", rekla sam, još uvijek svojim nevinim glasom. "Znači li to da ne bih smio raditi ... ovo?"

Provukla sam slobodnu ruku niz njegova tvrda prsa i preko sve veće izbočine u njegovim hlačama. Kratko se utisnuo u moju ruku prije nego što se povukao.

"Kasnije", rekao je odlučno, svojim niskim, muškim glasom poslao me jeza po kralježnici i provala vlage u moje gaćice. Sagnuo se i uzeo moja usta dubokim poljupcem, ali povukao se prije nego što sam stvarno uspio ući u njih.

"Ne oblači gaće na večeru", rekao je prije nego što je uzmaknuo. - To je zapovijed.

"Da, gospodine", rekla sam bez daha.

Otišao sam u svoju kupaonicu (da, imamo lijepu kuću) da se spremim za večeru. Dodirnula sam maskaru, dodala lagani sjaj za usne i očetkala plavu kosu do pojasa. I, naravno, skinula sam gaćice.

Pogledala sam se u zrcalo do poda pričvršćeno na stražnjoj strani vrata. Duga kosa, velike sise, sićušni struk ... svaki tatin san, zar ne? I večeras sam ga savršeno pokazao - maleni majica bez rukava, plijen kratke hlače u stilu 70-ih, preplanula koža.

Sve sam samo isplivao niz stepenice, radujući se svojoj noći nasamo s tatom.

"Bok mama", pjevala sam ulazeći u kuhinju. "Mogu li išta pomoći?"

"Hej slatkiši", rekla je izvlačeći naše lazanje iz kraja. "Možete li postaviti stol? Sve ostalo je gotovo spremno."

Upravo sam tada osjetio tople, snažne ruke oko struka.

"Prokletstvo, Cher, to nevjerojatno miriše", rekao je. Udahnuo je kuhinjske mirise i zastenjao zahvalom, pritiskajući me preponama u moje dupe. Oh, ali ovo će biti zabavna noć.

"Hvala, hun", rekla je moja mama. U ovom trenutku leđa su nam bila okrenuta prema ruci u kabinetu Tupperware. Tata je zaokrenuo bokove u moje i pružio mi ruku da mazi sise. Prokletstvo, prevrtljivo puno?

Nehajno se odmaknuo netom prije nego što se mama pojavila s jelom za kojim je posegnula. Prešao je kuhinju dajući je po obrazu i moja je čeljust gotovo pala. Na sebi je imao samo košarkaške kratke hlače i ništa drugo. Njegova gola prsa bila su u potpunosti izložena i od toga su mi se zasuzila usta.

Vidite, imam 18 godina, ali moji su roditelji tek u kasnim 30-ima. Upoznali su se na fakultetu kad je moja mama bila brucoš, a otac na drugoj godini i zatrudnio sa mnom nakon samo tri mjeseca veze. Odlučili su me zadržati i - mama mi je zao kao što jest - ipak diplomirala na vrijeme. Napokon su se vjenčali kad sam imala tri godine. Postoji preslatka slika mene kao njihove cvjetnice u hodniku ispred moje sobe.

U svakom slučaju, moj otac još uvijek puši s 37 godina i uživam u žetvi blagodati njegove mladosti. Dovoljno je mišićav da postane mrtvo seksi. Točno moj tip.

On i moja mama razgovarali su o svojim danima pa sam počeo skupljati stvari za postavljanje stola. Shvatio sam da nema razloga zašto ga ne bih mogao zadirkivati ​​u isto vrijeme, pa kad sam morao uhvatiti podmetače, odlučio sam se saviti u struku, umjesto da sagnem. Naravno da sam usmjerio svoje dovoljno dupe u njegovom smjeru. Najmanja stanka u njegovom govoru nasmijala me. O da, primijetio je. Zadržao sam se trenutak dulje nego što je bilo potrebno, lagano se njišući jednu do druge. Mucao je i moj je osmijeh rastao.

Potapšala sam ga po dupetu dok sam prolazila pored njih u blagovaonicu. Upravo sam završio kad je ušao noseći zdjelu salate i dva tanjura.

"Mama ne jede s nama?" Pitao sam.

"Ne, ona mora krenuti rano u bolnicu jer su upravo započeli veliki projekt prepločavanja i moglo bi biti prometa ...

Pogledi su nam se sreli, govoreći puno. Fantastičan. Još više vremena zajedno.

Salate smo jeli u tišini dok se odijevala za posao. Svake toliko bi me noga okrznula, ili bi njegov pogled uhvatio moj, a srce bi mi zakucalo. Namjeravao sam se upiti kroz kratke hlače prije nego što je obrok bio gotov.

Četkala sam sise po tatinim leđima, puštajući ga da osjeti koliko su mi tvrde bradavice, kad sam ga zaobišla noseći naše tanjure sa salatom u kuhinju. Moja se mama, pecajući u svojoj masivnoj torbici, zaustavila na drugom rubu kuhinje.

"U redu, dečki, idem! Ne gledajte večeras nijedan novi film bez mene", rekla je, i dalje gledajući u svoju torbicu.

Pokušavajući se ponašati što normalnije, zgrabio sam njezinu torbu za ručak sa šanka.

"Ugodna ti smjena, mama", rekao sam.

"Oh, hvala ti, dušo", rekla je, napokon podigavši ​​pogled. "Ash, osjećaš li se dobro? Izgledaš zarumenjeno, dušo."

"Danas je moralo biti previše sunca", rekao sam sa slabašnim osmijehom. "Trebao sam ući kad ste mi rekli."

"Svakako večeras popijte puno vode i pošaljite mi poruku ako sutra trebate pokupiti aloju na putu s posla." Već je nastavila tražiti svoje ključeve i propustio sam da isperem još dublju ružičastu boju.

"Hoću, mama", rekla sam, osjećajući se pomalo krivom što sam samo htjela da otputuje u GTFO kako bih mogla poševiti njezina muža.

"Ah HA! Shvatio sam ih", rekla je s trijumfalnim osmijehom, držeći tipke u visu. Zgrabila je torbu za ručak od mene i lagano se sagnula u stranu da mahnem tati. "Laku noć, G! Volim te!"

Isplovila je kroz vrata, nema pojma što će se dogoditi. Zaključao sam je iza nje, a srce mi je zakucalo. Okrenula sam se i vidjela da je moj otac odmah iza mene. Isuse, je li bio tako tih ili je moje srce tako glasno zakucalo?

Nisam više imao vremena razmišljati o odgovoru, jer se upravo tada sagnuo i strastveno me poljubio. U roku od nekoliko sekundi bili smo omotani jedni oko drugih poput vinove loze, lipocked i stenjajući svoje zadovoljstvo.

Kliznuo je rukama dolje da me uhvati za dupe, a ja sam savila noge da mu se pojačam u naručju. S mojim nogama omotanim oko njegovog struka bili smo savršeno poredani. Na trenutak me pritisnuo na vrata i savio glavu da me poljubi u vrat - što su bile dvije stvari zbog kojih sam se uvijek zagrijao.

"Jebiga, tata", zastenjala sam. "Ne zafrkavaj me večeras."

"Oh, oprosti, osjećaš li se pomalo suzdržano, dušo?" - upita nevino. A kopile je imalo živaca da mi se cereka!

Snažnije sam ga uhvatila za ramena kad sam počela više nabijati na njega. Mračno se zahihotao.

"Pa, u redu ... ali samo zato što ste tako lijepo pitali."

Sa mnom i dalje u naručju - rekao sam vam, jak je - odnio me kroz kuhinju do stola u blagovaonici. Nogom je odmaknuo stolicu od stola i spustio me na drvo ispred sebe.

Brzo mi je gurnuo gornji dio spremnika pored mojih sisa, nagnuvši se naprijed da kratkim sisanjem zadirkuje svaku ukočenu bradavicu. Moji su jauci postali glasniji kad je svojoj pažnji dodao malo zubaca.

Kukovi su mi se dizali od stola, tražeći kontakt s bilo kojim dijelom njega do kojeg bih mogao doći, a on je jednim potiskom povukao moje kratke hlače dio puta prema dolje.

"Jebi se, dušo ... vidim kako si već mokra."

Budući da sam bila djevica prije svog tate, ne znam kako reagiram na druge dečke - ali ne mogu zamisliti da me itko osim mog tate tako često mokri kao i on. Prolazim kroz puno gačica, čak i kad se ne zavaravamo.

Udario mi je ruku u kratke hlače i upotrijebio ih kako bi mi trgnuo noge, smjestivši mi koljena blizu ramena. Sagnuo se i uvelike nanjušio.

"Djevojčice ... ništa i nitko nikada nije mirisao tako dobro kao ti", rekao je zahvalno.

"Stvarno tako misliš, tata?" Zapravo nisam imao nikakvih prirodnih nesigurnosti, ali najbolje je dobiti komplimente, posebno one prljave.

"Stvarno, dušo. Čak i tvoja mama ..." rekao je zaostajući. Nismo uspoređivali moju mamu u krevetu, nikad ... valjda do sada. "Čak ni ti mama ne osjećaš ovo dobro, dušo. Ili ovako dobro okusi."

Sagnuo je glavu i duboko provukao jezik kroz moj prorez. Malo se okrenuo oko mog klitorisa zbog čega sam zavapio. Bila sam tako pripremljena, već sam bila blizu svršavanja. "Tata, to je tako dobro. Molim te, nemoj prestati, molim te, ne tata."

"Nikad, dušo. Nikad neću prestati jesti tvoju slatku macu."

Ponovio je taj pokret - polizati, vrtjeti se oko mog klitorisa - još tri puta prije nego što je zabio jezik duboko u moju pičku. Palcem mi je izmasirao klitoris i došla sam, šikljajući mu u usta.

"Jebi se, tata! Svršavam!"

Zastenjao je, vibracije protiv moje mace produžavale su mi orgazam. Još sam se tresla nakon što je ostatak puta povukao moje kratke hlače i gurnuo vlastiti tek toliko da oslobodi njegov debeli kurac. Čvrstih je sedam centimetara s ogromnom glavom koja me baš dobro trlja. Čini mi se kao da je stvoren za moju macu.

Vidjevši to, oblizao sam usne.

"Strpljenje, dušo. Dalje ćeš mi spustiti penis u grlo", zapjevušio je smještajući svoj kurac u moj uski otvor. Noge su mi bile savijene pod kutom od 90 stupnjeva i otvorene u V formaciji. Poljubio mi je jedan gležanj prije nego što me uhvatio za bokove i - FUCK - ugurao je skroz do prvog udarca.

"O, BOŽE, tata!" Zajecala sam.

"Tako je, dušo, jebeno uzmi tatin penis kao šampiona."

Polako se izvlačio, povlačeći se po mojim natečenim tkivima nakon postizanja orgazma, prije nego što se ponovno uključio. To je bio mučni ritam koji je postavio i kako me, opet palcem na mom klitorisu, natjerao da sperem po drugi put noći.

"Zajebi, da, djevojčice, vrhnje za moj penis", zastenjao je. Jebeno volim njegov prljavi razgovor.

"Tata, tata, tata", nesuvislo sam zastenjala. Kao i uvijek, to je bio signal koji mu je trebao da ubrza udarce. Novi pokret natjerao me je da mi sise jako poskakuju i pomaknuo je ruke točno ispod mojih gomila.

"Volim da ove sise poskakuju", rekao je. "Sise moje djevojčice ... moje ..."

Mogla bih reći da se približavao. Premjestila sam ruke na njegova zapešća, držeći ih na mjestu dok me jako jebao.

"Tvoj sam, tata. Samo tvoj."

"Želi li tatina djevojčica njegovu spermu?" dahtao je.

"Želim to, tata, želim sve", zastenjala sam.

"Gdje to želiš, dušo?"

Imam spiralu od svoje 17. godine, tako da ovo nije imalo problema.

"U meni tata,

"Jebi, jebi, jebi", promrmljao je. Volim ga vidjeti kako se razdvaja zbog mene, nema većeg uključivanja od mog tatice kad će se sperma u meni.

"Hajde, Greg", rekao sam izvlačeći ponovno Sultry Ashleigh. "Daj svojoj kćeri svu tu spermu."

"O, Bože ..."

Premjestila sam noge kako bih ga visoko omotala oko struka i kliznula rukama po njegovim rukama kako bih ga uhvatila za biceps. Oči su mu se dodatno smračile i suzile pa sam mogao reći da mu se to sviđa. Vrijeme je za nevin glas.

"Molim te, tata", zacvilila sam. "Bila sam tako dobra djevojka ... hoćeš li molim te ući u mene, tata?"

"Jebi ga, dušo!" vikao je. "Evo ... svršavam. O, Bože, nakupljam tvoju malu macu!"

Upotrijebio sam svu svoju osnovnu snagu da još više nagnem bokove kako bih ga uvukao što dublje u sebe. Voljela sam osjećati kako sperma u meni. Nikad nisam i nikada neću koristiti kondom - barem ne s tatom.

Završio je s glasnim stenjanjem i nježno se spustio na mene. Čak i u muci strasti, moj se tata uvijek najbolje brinuo o meni.

"O tata, nedostajao si mi", rekla sam, lagano mu češljajući prste kroz kosu.

"I ti si mi nedostajala, djevojčice. Jako te volim."

"Volim te zauvijek, tata."

Bili smo još nekoliko minuta dok smo se uživali u postorgazmičnom blaženstvu. Tata je podigao glavu dajući mi nježni, nježni poljubac.

"Nismo ni večerali", rekao je kroz smijeh.


"To je istina", rekao je, a oči su mu blistale. "Dakle ... drugo kolo prije ili poslije?"

Smijala sam se kad me povukao od stola. Moja maca je već trnula za još.


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